SCUMC Welcome

Silver Creek United Methodist is a church which embraces the best of past and present, while boldly moving into the future. A purpose driven congregation, Silver Creek UMC affirms the Bible to be God's Word, the Christian faith as being true and that God's power is still at work in the world today to change lives.

In working out what God wants in us, Silver Creek upholds the "4-G's" of Christian discipleship:

Grace. God's mercy and love has been bestowed upon us in Jesus Christ. God's Holy Spirit is at work in the believer, transforming us into His likeness.

Growth. We believe that having begun a good work in us, God will bring it to completion. Christian perfection, or spiritual growth, is God's will for every spiritually born child of God.

Groups. You and I cannot grow spiritually on our own. We need each other gathered in worship and in Bible study to experience "the much more" of the Christian life. Every small group bible study or Sunday school class is centered on God's Word, the Bible. God's word is not only true, it is also powerful!

Good stewardship. Our God is a giving God! God gives us the opportunity to join Him in His word through generosity. Tithing, giving God 10% of our income, along with offerings to various additional needs and missions.

Grace, growth, groups and good stewardship all help us in growing Christian discipleship as we reach out to the world with God's love in Jesus.

I hope to see you this Sunday as together we worship our risen Lord!

Vaughn Baker
Senior Pastor