The decision to join a church is one that should be taken seriously. Membership in a church is more than just having your name on a roll, but is a commitment to a community of people that will support you in your journey of faith and will also call on you to help with the causes it supports. At Silver Creek we ask all who wish to join the following questions:

Have you been baptized? It makes no difference what denomination you were baptized in or how it was done, as long as it took place within a Christian setting. If not, you will need to be baptized in order to join. Please tell a pastor of your desire to receive baptism and they will be more than happy to visit with you about that.

Will you be faithful to Silver Creek United Methodist Church through your prayers, your presence, your gifts and your service?

Prayers. Will you believe in what we are doing as a community of faith to such a degree that you will bring the concerns of the church before God in prayer?

Presence. Will you worship with us as often as you can? Worship is where we connect with God and with one another. A faith community needs to function as a community, building relationships and supporting one another in life. To do that, it is important that the members of the community are present to share in those relationships and to offer the love and support that the community needs.

Gifts. God has blessed you with special talents and abilities as well as money. Will you give of yourself out of a sense of joy that comes from knowing that you are participating in the Grand Purposes of God?

Service. Doing the work of God is a huge task. There are children that need to learn and play. There are hungry people that need to be fed. There are projects that need to be completed for the good of the church. Are you willing to give of your time in order that others might be blessed through your work?

If you can say yes to all of these questions, you are ready to be a member of Silver Creek United Methodist Church! Once you have decided to join, the process is very simple. Contact one of the pastors in person, by phone, or by e-mail and tell them of your decision. They will ask you to join by coming to the front at a worship service you will help determine. Before the congregation, you will be asked the questions listed above. You will say, "I do." After taking the vows of membership, you will be asked to stand in the back of the church so that your new family of faith can greet you.